Are you ready to change your future?

Tired of aches and pains limiting what you do? Sore back, shoulders, knees, or hips keeping you from the life you want? Are you unable to breakthrough performance ceilings?

What if you could relieve your aches and pains and move like you did as a kid...what if you could just feel better?

VectorCheck Fitness teaches you the groundbreaking methods used in Neural Performance Training that help you return to a life of carefree movement so you can...just feel better!

The Foundation

All Neural Performance Training is built upon the foundation of three performance aspects - MOVEMENT, BALANCE, & VISION. When these three are working together in harmony, we can experience amazing results.

We call these the 3 Pillars of Performance:


Unlock stiffness, hesitation and restrictions in your movements. Move freely and easily about your environment.


Find confidence in your movements, knowing that your balance won't fail you. Do more than you thought possible and move about without fear of injury.


Improve blurry areas in your brain's map to compliment your movement and balance throughout your day.

So What Does Neural Performance Training Do?

Through our training and courses, you'll learn how to eliminate pain, breakthrough performance ceilings, and fully recover from injuries.

Our program focuses on the whole body through assessment and training of your movement, balance, and vision. It is this comprehensive approach that truly delivers the results you want.

Take advantage of Neural Performance Training in 3 different ways:

1 on 1 Training

Work with a coach in-person or virtual to receive customized one-on-one training.


Individual Courses

Learn the foundational concepts of Neural Performance Training with our various courses. Developed with videos, worksheets, educational material and daily exercises, they provide all you need for starting on your journey to just feel better!


Monthly Membership

Gain access to a library of NPT material (with new material created weekly!) by joining our Monthly Membership. Join our active Facebook group, focused on all things NPT and get a "direct line" to coaches and others within the space.


-Robin F.

"In June 2019, I was hit in the back of the head with a baseball and suffered a severe concussion. You see, as a TBI progresses in length, it goes from moderate to severe. When Darrell and I met in September, I was still suffering from headaches to the frontal lobe and sensitivity to the optical nerve. Darrell was able to drive down where the trauma was and to give me very effective exercises and physical therapy to help reduce the headaches and help with my cognition and attention to detail. Along with other modalities, I am now back to 100% with no headaches or brain trauma related to the concussion. Darrell was patient with me and really listened to me. He also was able to very quickly discern what I truly needed to get back to full capacity. I would highly recommend Darrell for any type of brain trauma. Thank you Darrell for all you did for me. You rock!!!"

Not even sure what Neural Performance Training Is?