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  • Based on the Intro Course, You can choose which of the 3 Pillars to start; Or, work through all three simultaneously.

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  • And the great news strings attached! You can cancel anytime. (We recommend 3 - 6 months of consistent training to really see results.)

  • Additional in-depth courses available at a discounted rate for members.

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All material stems from the 3 main pillars of performance:


Gain greater mobility with less pain. Unlock stiffness and limitations.


Move through your world with more confidence and less danger.


Improve your vision, which results in improved movement and performance.

Example Curriculum

Your Coach - Darrell

Welcome! I’m Darrell Dearman, owner of Vector Check Neural Performance Training. I’ve always been passionate about fitness, health and performance. After many years as a physical trainer, my life was truly changed when I experienced the excitement of helping wounded veterans regain their life from years of pain and frustrations.

From there, my pursuit of Neural Performance knowledge and certifications exploded and has continued to this day. Now I help everyone from the person struggling with peripheral neuropathy to a college athlete recovering from an ACL tear. I can’t wait to help you conquer your limitations!

Not even sure what Neural Performance Training Is?